AM attends vigil for Gypsy victims of Holocaust

Assembly Member, Ann Jones, attended a vigil on the steps of the Senedd on Thursday, in memory of the victims from the Romani and Gypsy community who fell victim to the Nazi genocide. 

The well attended event, on the eve of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day, saw politicians from across the political spectrum join together to remember those who lost their lives in the Porajmos. 

The Porajmos is the name given to the genocide of Romani people and Gypsy’s in countries and areas occupied by the Nazis, including Belgium, Poland and the Soviet Union. 

Ann Jones AM said: “I am glad to see that the genocide of Romani and Gypsy people during the Holocaust is being remembered here today. None of us should forget any of the groups of people who were murdered by the Nazi regime.

It is humbling to see politicians from across different political parties and so many members of the public gather here today to honour the memory of the victims. It gives me hope that together we can make sure that these crimes are never repeated.”