AM condemns Wales being singled out for welfare reform

Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones has launched a blistering attack on the destructive welfare changes being driven through by the Tory-led UK Government, following concerns raised by the Wales Audit Office that Wales is hit harder than any other part of the UK.

Ms Jones said: “The Tories are harming those most vulnerable in society with their welfare changes. They are not a party that stands up for the many, but one that stands up for the few. Their welfare reform agenda is undoubtedly one the most damaging government packages we have ever seen emerge from Westminster.

“We have always known that these welfare changes are causing hardship for individuals, and also putting housing associations and local councils under enormous pressure.

“Wales has been hardest hit by welfare reform and it is clear that the Tories couldn’t care less about how the people of Wales are affected”.

The Auditor General for Wales has said that welfare system changes are having a greater impact on public services and communities than in England and Scotland.
Levels of rent debt rose by nearly a quarter in the first six months after the Bedroom Tax and the benefit cap came into effect.