AM ensures action at the old fairground site





Vale of Clwyd AM, Ann Jones has warmly welcomed the commencement of work at Rhyl’s old fairground site.

Following months of inaction, Mrs Jones wrote to Denbighshire County Council’s Chief Executive, Mohammed Mehmet, urging him to either seek commitment from developers to get site tidied up as soon as possible or using powers available to the Council under Section 215 of the Planning Act to do the work themselves and then claim back costs from the developers.

Mrs Jones said: “This is long overdue and it’s truly incredible that it has taken this long for work to commence. Residents who have had to deal with this eyesore every day, will hopefully now have a better outlook.

“This is a short term fix and I will continue to work with the Council to find a long-term solution to this very prestigious site.

“We cannot afford developments like the new harbour bridge to be blighted by inaction on the former fairground site. It is a prime location and the people of Rhyl deserve to have full use made of such a site”.

After receiving Mrs Jones’ letter calling for immediate action, council officers confirmed that the site owners, Scarborough Development Group (SDG) have commenced work today (9th September 2013) on the hoarding of the Ocean Plaza site.  They anticipate this work will take two weeks and will consist of:

  • replacing missing sections of the hoarding on a like for like basis to match the existing sheets;


  • replace or repair any existing sections of hoarding that are loose, damaged or not stable;


  • then redecorate the entire hoarding in the current colour (dark blue); and


  • reduce the height of the stockpiled material/spoil heap so that it is not visible over the hoarding.