AM hails improvements in Welsh cancer care statistics

Labour’s AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones has welcomed the news that more people are surviving cancer, even though more people in Wales are being diagnosed with the disease, a new report on cancer care published today by the Welsh Labour Government reveals.

The report shows there has been a 25% reduction in mortality from cancer between 1995 and 2012 in Wales among people under 75. It also shows that since 1995, there has been a 17.5% improvement in the number of people still alive a year after diagnosis, with a 20.1% improvement in the number of those still alive five years after diagnosis.

Ms Jones said: “With more people than ever being affected by cancer, it is so vital that those diagnosed with cancer receive world-class care and support so that they have the best chance of beating the disease.

“It is so pleasing to see that so many more people are surviving cancer and going on to live their lives out in full. This is down to the significant investments that have been made in cancer care, using new drugs and technologies to give patients every fighting chance they can get.

“Care can always be improved and I am confident that the hard work of our outstanding NHS staff in Wales will ensure that standards continue to rise”.

The cancer patient experience survey 2013 showed that the vast majority of patients received world-class care. 89% of patients said their care was excellent or very good.

The number of people diagnosed with cancer is increasing largely as a result of Wales’ ageing population. Between 1995 and 2011 there were, on average, around 16,400 new cases of cancer every year. But by 2012, more than 18,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in Wales.

The NHS in Wales is spending more than ever before on cancer care. £360.9m is currently spent on delivering services to patients diagnosed with cancer