AMs see first-hand the benefits of fire sprinklers


Assembly Members had the opportunity to see the benefit of fire sprinklers in fire fighting, thanks to a demonstration held by the South Wales Fire and Rescue service outside the Assembly on the 22nd May 2013.


Opened by the Minister for Housing, Carl Sargeant, a controlled fire was started on a living room mock-up and was quickly extinguished upon activation by the fire sprinkler system, with limited damage to the room.


The AM who steered the policy through the Assembly which mandates that sprinklers be installed in all new homes and major renovations, the Vale of Clwyd’s, Ann Jones, was on hand to show colleagues the benefits that sprinklers will have to their constituents across Wales.


Mrs Jones said: “Sprinklers save lives. Where they have been installed, no-one has ever died in a house fire.


“The demonstration showed just how well sprinklers tackle fire and protect communities”.


Ann was joined by fellow AMs: Joyce Watson, Julie Morgan, Rebecca Evans, Ken Skates, David Rees, Keith Davies, Janice Gregory and Nick Ramsay.