Ann calls for plans for PCC’s to run Ambulance and Fire Services to be dropped

Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones, has urged the Home Secretary to drop any plans which could see Police and Crime Commissioners running ambulance and fire services.

Proposals being floated by the Home Office could see ambulances and fire services brought under the remit of Police Commissioners as part of a “blue light” co-ordination strategy.

Ann said: “The police, ambulance and fire services all work tirelessly to safeguard communities across the country. Making PCC’s responsible for fire and ambulances will further politicise our core emergency services.

“In Wales, ambulances and the fire service are devolved matters, whereas policing is not. If Theresa May is hell bent on these proposals, she risks damaging the devolution settlement as well as putting more key services under the direct control of politicians, many of who were elected on extremely low turnouts and therefore, have a very weak mandate.

“Many people are already unsure of the role of PCC’s and this latest power grab is most unwelcome.

“I call on the Home Secretary to abandon this suggestion until she has further evidence that PCC’s roles are clearly working and in line with public opinion”.