Ann Jones AM and Chris Ruane MP

Joint Statement: Ann Jones AM and Chris Ruane MP

“The flooding we’ve witnessed has been unprecedented and the scenes are truly shocking.

“We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of an elderly lady in her home in St Asaph, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of all affected by this local tragedy.

“Our sincerest thanks go to the professional and dedicated emergency services and local volunteers who are working flat-out, in a co-ordinated and organised way, to give their support to those who have been affected by the severe flooding and to get them into safety and out of harm’s way.

“Our heartfelt sympathies also go out to the hundreds of people whose homes and properties have been flooded and damaged beyond recognition.

“Going forward, the emergency services must have all of the resources they deem necessary. We need a concerted and co-ordinated approach to ensure that people can start to get back to normal as soon as possible and that this tragedy is not repeated.

“We must work towards making sure that insurance companies pay out and that our communities are properly protected. In the future, households must continue to have access to affordable house insurance.”