Ann Jones AM meets flood victims

Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd Ann Jones has visited the Robin Hood Caravan Park where displaced residents are being temporarily homed and helped by the British Red Cross.

Ann Jones said:

“The flooding has been unprecedented and the scenes are truly shocking.

“My sincerest thanks go to the responding agencies, local volunteers and residents from right across the community for the way they’ve responded to this local tragedy.

“I visited the Robin Hood Caravan Park to see for myself the fantastic work the Red Cross and other agencies are doing. Meeting with those who’ve had their homes damaged beyond recognition really pulls at the heart strings. 

“Rightly, the first priority was to get people into safety and out of harm’s way. Now that the recovery operation is underway the focus is turning to making sure people can try and rebuild their lives and homes, bit by bit.

“I’ve been in contact with all of the agencies every step of the way – they’ve been fantastic and are truly deserving of our recognition and praise.

“I want to make sure everyone gets the help and advice they need, that insurance companies pay out and that our communities are properly protected so that this tragedy is not repeated.”