Ann Jones encourages fellow AMs to fight Royal Mail privatisation


Vale of Clwyd AM, Ann Jones, has called on her Assembly colleagues to join with her and oppose the UK Government’s proposed privatisation of the Royal Mail.

Under plans announced by Tory-Lib Dem ministers, the business which has always been public sector and is valued at £2bn is to be floated on the stock market.

Raising a Statement of Opinion at the National Assembly, Ann has expressed her grave concerns about the potential effect privatisation will have on the services and employment conditions of staff.

Ms Jones said: “This latest development should be of grave concern to communities across Wales. Services should be not at the whim of shareholders and the only way to protect the service for sure is to keep the Royal Mail under public ownership.

“Royal Mail is a successful business and I am completely dismayed at this decision which is clearly being taken only for Tory ideological purposes.

“Today, I am calling on my Assembly colleagues to join in the fight to oppose this damaging privatisation.