Ann Jones slams “directionless” UK Government

Speaking in the Chamber at the National Assembly, Ann Jones, Labour AM for Vale of Clwyd has strongly criticised the UK Government’s legislative programme.


During the debate on the Queen’s Speech, Mrs Jones highlighted the failure of the UK Government’s to provide any measures to encourage economic growth and help struggling families with rip-off energy costs.


Mrs Jones accused the UK Government of being more interested in political manoeuvring, demonstrated by proposals favoured by the Conservative Party which could see candidates who have lost elections, still returned to the Assembly – widely known as “lucky losers”.


During the debate, Mrs Jones said: “It is [the Draft Wales Bill] a cynical Bill aimed at gerrymandering an electoral process and making very minor changes to our electoral process”.


Mrs Jones also publically rebuked the Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones, for his dangerous and incorrect comments regarding the installation of sprinklers in new properties.


David Jones has previously said that sprinklers were harming the construction industry, while official figures show that the Welsh construction industry is fairing much better than the English sector.


Following the debate, Mrs Jones said: “It’s all too clear what David Jones and the rest of the Tories in Westminster are interested but it’s nothing that will help my constituents in the Vale of Clwyd. It is all a game to the Secretary of State.


“The Secretary of State’s flagrant disregard for devolution, community safety and the people of Wales is an absolute disgrace. He refuses to stand up for Wales at Cabinet and will probably go down as the worst Secretary of State in history”.