Funding for Denbighshire PCSO’s confirmed by Welsh Labour Government

Communities across the Vale of Clwyd will keep their local PCSOs on the beat, thanks to confirmation of funding by the Welsh Labour Government.

While the Tory-led UK Government has slashed 20% from Police budgets, the Welsh Labour Government has invested over £16m in making sure that local communities are safe by recruiting 500 new PCSOs across Wales. This includes 20 PCSOs working directly in the Vale of Clwyd.

The announcement comes as the Police Federation has warned Tory cuts are putting public safety in North Wales at risk with pro-active work in communities, work to safeguard children and neighbourhood policing

Ann Jones, Labour’s AM for the Vale of Clwyd said:

“Tory cuts have consequences. While our hardworking Police Officers and staff have had to deal with five very difficult years, I fear that further cuts to Police budgets will put public safety at significant risk.

“I am proud to see that here in Wales we are prioritising protecting local people by getting more PCSOs on the beat. While our new Tory MP and his millionaire mates in London issue our hardworking emergency services personnel their P45’s, I will continue to fight for public services and improve the safety of our local communities”.

The budget of North Wales Police has been cut by over £33m to date with even more drastic cuts on the horizon over the next five years.