New Bathrooms at Ty Croeso create home away from home

Two Assembly Members have praised improvements at Ty Croeso – Dawn Elizabeth House, which provides accommodation to the families of sick babies and children during their stay at Glan Clwyd Hospital.

Vale of Clwyd AM Ann Jones and Clwyd West AM Darren Millar visited the centre on Friday to see the new bathrooms which have been installed at the six-bedroomed house.

Ann said:

“Ty Croeso translates as ‘Welcome house’ and that’s certainly what it is. The facilities on offer have been described as a “Godsend” by the families of sick babies and children who have stayed there and the new bathrooms which have been installed will ensure that those who have to stay there in the future will have all the facilities they would have in their own homes.”

Darren added:

“Ty Croeso is an amazing place, providing a calm and comfortable haven for parents during very stressful circumstances. Some of the families have to stay at the centre for many weeks. It has always aimed to make parents feel at home and the new bathrooms will make their stay even more comfortable.”  

Ty Croeso  was built in 1993 using funding from charitable organisations, the local community and a large donation from the parents of a young lady called Dawn Elizabeth Williams who died at the age of 25 years following a road accident. It is in memory of Dawn Elizabeth that the house is named.

Glan Clwyd has a Special Care Baby Unit which covers the whole of the North Wales area and beyond and families from great distances stay in Ty Croeso when their babies are sent to the unit for vital care.