People across Denbighshire £522 worse off under Cameron and Clegg

Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones, has condemned the Tory/Lib Dem UK Government for its economic and welfare policies which has left the average working age adult in Denbighshire, £522 worse off. Ms Jones has also criticised the UK Government for taking £930m out of the Welsh economy.

Ms Jones said: “The UK Government has presided over one of the worst cost of living crises we have ever seen. People across Denbighshire are worse off due to cuts to social security, tax credits and rising costs of fuel, rents and food.

“The UK Government has done absolutely nothing to make things easier for ordinary people across Wales. They are so out of touch with how regular people across Wales are living and are only interested in lining the pockets of their party donors by giving millionaires a huge tax break.

“I am visiting a local foodbank next week to meet some of my constituents who out of sheer desperation are turning to these lifeline services”.

Working age adults in Wales will be hundreds of pounds a year worse off due to UK Government cuts to welfare. New figures released today by Welsh Government Ministers show that Denbighshire will amongst the hardest hit by welfare changes with the average annual loss per working-age-adult in areas being £522. The average loss per working age-adult in Wales will be £500.

The findings show Wales will see a total loss of income of around £930 million by 2015/16 as a result of Westminster’s plans for social security. There will also be wider knock-on impacts on the economy as people have less to spend in their local communities.

The Welsh Government has commissioned a series of reports to help it understand the full impact of the UK Government’s welfare reforms on the people of Wales.

The latest published information looks at how 14 welfare changes will affect individuals at both a Wales and local authority level. It examines the number of claimants affected and the potential impact on income.