School banding results announced for Denbighshire

School across Denbighshire have received news of their performance band for the year. Banding is a way of using national data on school performance in context to group schools according to where they are on their improvement journey relative to other schools in Wales.

Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones, has welcomed the publication of the banding which aims to give parents a clearer way to see how their child’s school is performing. Band 1 schools are those whose data show good overall performance and progress across the measures. Band 5 schools are those where performance and progress are weak relative to other schools.

Mrs Jones said: “There are some real positives to take from today’s results. Rhyl High has improved its position and become a top performing, band one school and it’s clear that the new leadership’s changes are making a big impact on driving up standards. Ysgol Glan Clwyd also achieved a good result, staying on band two.

“However, what these results also show is that there is some disparity in results across the county. Some schools have gone down a band and this should be a cause for reflection. It is now down to Denbighshire County Council and individual school governing bodies to consider their results and put in place measures to make sure they achieve a better result next year.

“Schools who have achieved disappointing results will be given extra support. The most important aspect of banding will be the support, challenge and sharing of best practice that follows. The banding system will help ensure that we direct our resources most effectively to where they are needed most.

“Banding is an important and useful tool in measuring that schools are improving. The Welsh Government is committed to raising educational standards across Wales and will do all it can to support schools drive through improvements”.