Tribute to Chris Ruane

“I have been humbled and honoured to work with Chris Ruane for the past three decades. I remember with fondness the night he was elected as the MP in 1997, when I was his election agent. Over the following years, Chris’ dedication to his constituents has been unwavering. As a local councillor and then as Member of Parliament, Chris has made such an enormous contribution to improving and strengthening our communities. He has made a significant impact on a national and a local level.

“He has been a passionate advocate for those most in need of a champion. He has worked with real vigour to see investment in our towns, and his legacy is littered with achievements. We have worked together as colleagues to save local services, bring prosperity and regeneration to the local area, and to bring change on a national level.

“All that know him will know how warm, funny and kind Chris has always been, no matter what. I am proud of the dignified way he has dealt with the results of the election. It is a testament to his outstanding character and incredible strength. Our communities will be worse off for losing this dedicated public servant and champion of the our local area. I also send my thoughts to Chris’ staff who have worked tirelessly and now enter a uncertain period of their lives.

“I thank Chris Ruane for his incredible service to our local area and to public life. For the past eighteen years, Chris has never forgotten his Rhyl roots. From Rhydwen Drive to Westminster, Chris’ politics have been shaped by his background and he has never been afraid to fight for what is right. Whatever he decides to do from here, he will have my full support.

“The election results are deeply troubling. The new majority Conservative government’s ideological obsession with shrinking the state and making pernicious welfare cuts will mean the next five years will be harder than the last. Vicious cuts to the Welsh block grant will put many of the public services we cherish at risk.

“I will continue to stand up for fairness, decency and social justice as the local Labour Assembly Member. As Chris will tell you, it is the highest privilege you can have to represent your constituents and I pledge to everyone right across the Vale of Clwyd that I will continue the work we have done to date and stand up for our communities as we enter a period which for many will be an enormous struggle. While we have suffered a setback, the struggle for equality, liberty and fairness goes on”.