“Utter nonsense” – Ann Jones slams David Jones’ comments on sprinklers

 Ann Jones, Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, has slammed the Welsh Secretary’s comments on the impact of the Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Measure as “utter nonsense”.

In a BBC interview during this weekend’s Welsh Conservative conference, David Jones declared that the installation of life-saving sprinklers in homes as “widely derided” and an “unacceptable on-cost”.

Mrs Jones, who steered the Measure through the Assembly said: “The installation of sprinklers is designed to do one thing: save lives. Too many lives are lost and homes devastated as a result of house fires.

“The Secretary of State’s comments are not just unhelpful, they are just plain wrong. The evidence presented during scrutiny of the Measure contradicts what he claims”.

During evidence on the Bill, the Assembly’s Finance Committee stated “there is no evidence that they [costs] will be seen as a significant burden on house buyers or have a significant impact on the housing market”. Furthermore, the Legislation Committee No. 1 stated in its report “we believe it is unlikely that the proposed Measure will adversely affect development viability in Wales”.

Mrs Jones went on to add: “David Jones has decided to come out against sprinklers to score cheap political points against the Welsh Government which supports the Measure. None of the evidence presented backs up his ridiculous claims.

“His UK Government is committed to rolling back all sorts of housing regulations. Unlike his government, we are committed to ensuring that all people have safe homes”.