Welsh Government sets out agenda to break down barriers in education

Vale of Clywd AM, Ann Jones firmly believes that the ‘Rewriting the Future’ programme launched this week is the best possible programme to tackle the issue of poverty in education amongst the youth population in Wales.

Ms Jones commented: “With the introduction of the ‘Rewriting the Future’ programme it will be this Welsh Labour Government that ensures no child is left behind or disadvantaged due their background in fulfilling their potential in education.

“Education isn’t an option for children, it’s a necessity and an opportunity that all children should have the chance to fulfil. I am confident that through this programme we can close the gap between those in poverty and those who attain a solid education”.

The ‘Rewriting the Future’ programme announced by the Education Minister sets out a series of targets and attainment goals to tackle the issue of poverty in Education. By 2017 ‘Rewriting the future’ aims to reduce the number of young people not in employment aged 19-24 and to ensure that those on free school meals continue to attain better grades in core subjects such as English, Welsh and Mathematics.

Overall the programme is designed to best equip teachers and educational workers to deal with the challenges posed by learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. There will also be a more concentrated effort on the use of digital learning techniques in education to ensure that the students of today can excel in an ever more technologically driven world.