Welsh Government’s approach to unemployment is leading the way, says AM

Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones, has hailed the Welsh Government’s economic actions which have seen employment levels at a historic high and economic inactivity at a record low.

Mrs Jones said: “A hands on approach to tackling unemployment lead to really positive results. Thanks to the outstanding Jobs Growth Wales programme, support being given to businesses and funding more apprenticeships – Wales has far outperformed the UK.

“The devastation to the economy caused by the Tories and Lib Dems is being offset by remarkable work being done here in Wales. I’m proud of the economic record of the Welsh Labour Government and I know we will continue to get people back into work.

The latest Labour Market Statistics show that Wales is making further progress in creating and safeguarding jobs.

Wales is outperforming the UK as a whole in crucial areas such as youth employment, where unemployment amongst the 16-17 year old and 18-24 year old groups is falling faster in Wales than across other parts of the UK.

The Welsh Labour Government is continuing to provide direct support for businesses in Wales to help them grow and create opportunities through such initiatives as Business Wales one stop shops, which has provided direct advice to 5,360 businesses across Wales, creating and safeguarding more than 2,200 jobs in its first year.