Welsh Labour Government announces plans to enhance Early Years provision

Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones, has warmly welcomed the Welsh Labour Government’s newest strategy to close the gap between the most and least disadvantaged children in Wales. The new plan will be targeted at services for children aged 0 up to 7.

Ann Jones, who serves as Chair of the Children and Young People Committee said: “It is imperative we get early years services right. This plan will target young children’s development before the gap between the most and least disadvantaged children becomes entrenched and harder to combat.

“I fundamentally believe that a child’s background should not hold them back from achieving. With the right intervention that is proposed in this plan, children in Wales will be given an equal start in life.

“The Welsh Labour Government’s plan will ensure by the time a child has finished their foundation phase they have the skills and background to actively engage in their learning, to reach their full potential and compete on a level playing ground with peers from more advantaged backgrounds.”

The new plan involves:

  • More support and encouragement for parents to be involved in their children’s learning.


  • Developing a more consistent approach to tracking a child’s development.


  • Supporting two pilot projects to increase childcare provision by providing advice and support to new business starts.


  • Ensuring healthier meals are available in schools.


  • Offering seasonal flu vaccinations to two and three year olds.